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About Brande

A brief History of Brande

Being established in 2018, Brande has developed a new concept of branding to catch people's eye – from strategy to identity, from verbal to visual.

What matters most for Brande is the combination of creative thinking with strategic business knowledge to develop a results-driven strategy to distinguish your brand from others and turn your customers into loyal followers.

Brande stands by affordability, trustworthiness, enthusiasm, and unique creativity. We are driven by our motto “Be Bold" that shows our passion and eagerness to help our clients in brand creation.

Our Commitment

As you navigate Brande’s website, we hope you learn more about our commitment to developing relevant brands that help clients be unique, reach business growth, and expand market share.

Simplicity, marketing, inspiring design, and extraordinary branding are our DNA. Going beyond imagination and thinking outside the box are key to success.

Simon Bell


Recent Clients

We’ve been doing what we love and we know exactly what we do according to the clients’ unique challenges, preferences, and expectations.

Brande is proud of every client and our recent ones are Medcare, Aster Clinic, Mashreq Bank, Belhasa Group, KCAL, ProActive, ECO SERV, and Dailyforever52. We are dedicated to working with more clients to help them thrive in their industries.

How We Do Things


The first step is to understand the business and all its ins and outs. We discover your brand and conduct market research to learn everything about your industry, customer base, and other needs.


The second step is to steer your business in the right direction and work out a business strategy to solve your challenges.


The third step is to execute the results-driven strategy through brandings and creative campaigns to consistently increase recognition and expand market share.


The fourth step is to evaluate performance and prosper to the most outstanding results.

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