Masters of Makeover: Brande's
Reinvention of Lansil Global

Lansil Global has carved a niche as a comprehensive provider of e-commerce supply chain solutions, overseeing every aspect from product inception to customer delivery. However, their initial brand lacked resonance across their diverse offerings. Sensing the need for transformation, Lansil Global turned to Brande for a revitalization, aiming to enhance their brand presence and convey sophistication and reliability.


Embracing Lansil Global’s core values, Brande embarked on a journey of reimagination. We began by thoroughly exploring their essence and mission, laying the groundwork for a tailored brand identity. Drawing inspiration from their extensive service portfolio, we developed a vibrant visual direction that reflected their innovative solutions. Each element, thoughtfully curated, contributed to a comprehensive revitalization encompassing collateral design, website development, and more. Through collaborative synergy, Brande infused new vitality into Lansil Global’s brand, authentically resonating with its audience while elevating its market presence.


Under Brande’s guidance, Lansil Global emerged transformed into a symbol of innovation and reliability in the e-commerce sector. The revitalized brand identity exuded confidence and engagement, capturing the attention of stakeholders. Carefully crafted collateral and a dynamic website invited exploration and interaction, reinforcing Lansil Global’s new persona. The revitalization garnered acclaim and recognition, effectively positioning Lansil Global as a leader in the industry. With Brande’s expertise, Lansil Global flourished, setting a new standard of excellence in e-commerce supply chain solutions.

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