Marta Andreas

Art Director

Meet Marta, our Art Director and the creative force behind Brande’s visual narratives. With roots in Armenia and experience spanning Russia and Belarus, Marta brings a rich cultural perspective to her work. Trained in general design art from Moscow, she blends diverse illustration techniques to infuse our projects with artistic sophistication.

Marta approaches each project with a commitment to perfection and keen attention to detail, ensuring every visual element harmonizes seamlessly within the narrative. Her dedication and professionalism elevate our creative standards, setting new benchmarks in our work.

Passionate about visual storytelling, Marta excels in crafting narratives that inspire and captivate audiences, leaving a lasting impression through her creative endeavors. Beyond her professional achievements, Marta is an adventurous spirit who enjoys hiking, exploring new places, and night cycling. Her culinary skills match her artistic eye, focusing on both taste and presentation. Having traveled to over 20 countries and more than 70 cities, Marta’s diverse experiences continue to enrich and inspire her creative journey.


Years of Art Direction Experience

Marta combines extensive art direction expertise with a passion for creativity, bringing over a decade of experience to elevate every project.


Creative Directions Delivered

Marta's visionary approach has shaped more than 50 successful creative directions, guiding projects to achieve compelling and impactful outcomes.

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