From Bakery to Mystery: The Story of
Cookie Conspiracy's Brand Journey

Enter the world of Cookie Conspiracy, where every bite tells tales of mystery and indulgence. Seeking to redefine the cookie experience, they partnered with Brande to craft a brand as enigmatic as their flavors, infused with conspiracy theories. At the heart of our collaboration was the challenge of blending intrigue into confections. With innovation as our guide, Brande crafted a visual identity steeped in mystery. From our creative process emerged a brand story that captivates, transforming Cookie Conspiracy into an enigma waiting to be savored.


In our pursuit of embodying conspiracy within confections, Brande explored creativity and intrigue. Crafting a brand identity unlike any other, we delved into mystery to its core. Our solution arose from imagination and innovation, culminating in a visual journey mirroring Cookie Conspiracy’s enigmatic creations. Custom illustrations played a pivotal role in building the visual identity, adding depth and uniqueness. From logo creation, to packaging to their website, every element was meticulously curated to immerse customers in the mysterious world. Through our approach, we transformed uncertainty into curiosity, paving the way for a brand experience beyond the ordinary.


The unveiling of Cookie Conspiracy’s new identity was revelatory. With Brande’s guidance, the brand transcended cookies, becoming a gateway to intrigue and delight. Our efforts birthed a narrative captivating audiences, inviting them to indulge in conspiracy. As the new identity took the stage, Cookie Conspiracy found itself embraced by a community hungry for mystery and sweetness. Every touchpoint echoed clandestine tales, captivating hearts and taste buds alike. With Brande’s touch, Cookie Conspiracy emerged not just as a bakery, but as a phenomenon—a sweet secret waiting to be uncovered.

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