Olivia Shaw

Head of Brande

Meet Olivia, the creative force behind Brande, where strategy meets innovation. Originally from the UK, Olivia has spent the last five years in Dubai, infusing her work with a rich blend of cultural insights. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management & Marketing and six years of marketing experience, she has navigated her way from sales to a leadership role with finesse.

Olivia’s knack for strategic thinking and her eagle eye for detail ensure that every project she manages is a masterpiece. Her vibrant and sociable nature not only sparks creativity but also fosters a dynamic team environment where ideas flourish.

An avid traveler, Olivia finds endless inspiration in exploring new cultures, which she seamlessly integrates into her branding strategies. At home, Olivia is the proud mom of a toy poodle named Reggie. With her essential morning coffee in hand, she’s always ready to conquer the day with enthusiasm and precision.


Years experience in sales & marketing

Olivia combines strategic insights with creative flair, driving impactful branding solutions through her extensive experience in sales and marketing.


Successfully managed projects

Olivia's proven project management skills have ensured the successful execution and delivery of over 50 impactful branding projects.

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