Jenson Peters

Senior Graphic Designer

Meet Jenson, our Senior Graphic Designer at Brande. With over three years in the industry, Jenson brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to our team. Originally from the vibrant city of Dubai, his graphic design journey is marked by a diverse portfolio encompassing more than 25 brand visual identities.

Jenson’s design philosophy seamlessly integrates strategic thinking with artistic innovation. His commitment to excellence and dedication to his craft are fundamental to our team’s success. Passionate about graphic design, Jenson draws inspiration from the dynamic interplay of creativity and strategy.

Outside of work, Jenson nurtures his creative spirit and cherishes time with his family. While his childhood dream was to pursue a football career, he now channels his passion for the game into designing virtual stadiums and jerseys on FIFA, demonstrating his ability to blend personal interests with professional skills. Known for his stylish fashion choices, Jenson’s vibrant personality enhances our team dynamic.


Years in graphic design

Jenson brings creativity and precision to every project, leveraging over four years of experience to craft compelling graphic designs.


Unique brand identities live

Jenson has successfully created and launched over 25 unique brand identities, each one tailored to stand out in the market.

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