Enchanting Elegance: Moltobella's Journey from
Dream to Reality with Brande

Moltobella has emerged as a symbol of aspiration in the cosmetics industry, driven by a vision that celebrates beauty in its myriad forms. Seeking to translate their dream into reality, Moltobella partnered with Brande, leveraging their expertise to craft a compelling brand identity that embodies Italian charm and innovation.


Embracing Moltobella’s vision, Brande embarked on a journey of creativity and innovation. Drawing inspiration from Italian allure and contemporary cosmetic trends, we carefully crafted a brand identity that harmoniously blended tradition with modernity. The creation of a name that exuded elegance and relevance to Italian heritage was pivotal, ensuring every aspect of Moltobella’s identity resonates deeply with its target audience. We incorporated a color palette of nudes, meticulously selected to align with the aesthetics of the makeup industry. Through collaborative efforts, Brande and Moltobella co-created a brand that authentically embodies beauty and sophistication, emphasizing its connection to Italian brands and culture.


Our partnership with Moltobella was transformative and enchanting. With Brande’s guidance, Moltobella blossomed into a symbol of beauty and sophistication within the cosmetics realm. The thoughtfully crafted brand identity resonated profoundly, establishing Moltobella as a hallmark of style and quality. As Moltobella ventured into product manufacturing, they did so with authenticity and promise, poised for success and recognition in the competitive cosmetics market

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