Saira Ikram

UI/UX Lead

Meet Saira, our exceptional UI/UX Lead at Brande. With over eight years of experience, Sara is highly regarded for her mastery in digital design. Holding a bachelor’s degree in visual communication and a Diploma in Interactive Media from Pearson, London, Saira’s expertise transcends borders. She is also a Google Certified UX Designer, recognized for her ability to craft immersive digital experiences.

Saira’s portfolio includes the successful development of more than 30 products, showcasing her commitment to excellence in product design. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and strong work ethic, Sara ensures unparalleled user experiences in every project.

Driven by a passion for pushing the boundaries of UI/UX design, Saira excels in creating seamless digital journeys that captivate and engage users. Her expertise lies in blending artistic creativity with user-centric functionality, ensuring optimal engagement and satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Outside of work, Saira enjoys solo adventures and finds tranquility in nature. Despite her serious demeanor in the workplace, she embraces challenges in video games and spreads kindness wherever she goes. Saira’s diverse interests and unwavering dedication to excellence make her an invaluable asset to our team, propelling us toward success in the dynamic field of digital design.


Years of UI/UX Experience

Saira blends deep UI/UX expertise with a keen eye for design, offering over eight years of experience dedicated to creating intuitive and visually appealing user experiences.


Websites and Products Designed

Saira's proficiency in UI/UX design has contributed to the creation of over 60 distinctive websites and products, each crafted to enhance user engagement and brand identity.

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