Moonlit Mastery: Branding the Future of
Facilities Management with Lunar

Lunar Facilities Management, originating from the UK, sought to establish a strong presence in the Middle East with a brand identity that mirrored their values of reliability and consistency. Collaborating with Brande, Lunar embarked on a transformative journey to introduce a compelling new brand that would illuminate the realm of facilities management with its commitment to excellence.


Brande’s partnership with Lunar began with an exploration of the natural synergies between Lunar’s ethos and the symbolism of the moon. Drawing inspiration from the moon’s celestial presence and its qualities of reliability and support, we crafted a brand identity that reflected these attributes. Clean, bright design elements infused with subtle references to the solar system were integrated seamlessly across Lunar’s logo and collateral design. This cohesive visual narrative extended to a dynamic website, thoughtfully designed to showcase Lunar’s dedication to service and innovation. Our approach blended creativity with strategic insight, positioning Lunar as a beacon of reliability in the competitive landscape of facilities management.


The collaboration between Brande and Lunar Facilities Management resulted in a successful brand launch that propelled Lunar to the forefront of the industry in the Middle East. The brand identity, characterized by its association with the moon and its attributes, resonated deeply with stakeholders seeking dependable service. The dynamic website, a showcase of Brande’s creative expertise, effectively communicated Lunar’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Armed with a cohesive visual identity and a compelling online presence, Lunar now stands poised to illuminate the night with its unwavering dedication to reliability and consistency, solidifying its position as a trusted leader in facilities management across the region.

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