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Rebrand Strategy

Rebranding is the fundamental process of changing the corporate image of a company; it is a market strategy of giving a new name, symbol, or change in design for an already-existing brand.
The idea behind a rebranding strategy or a rebranding plan is to create a different brand identity for a business in the market to reach newly-defined goals and stand out among competitors.

Considering Rebranding In Dubai? We Are Here To Help You Develop & Implement A Unique Rebrand Strategy!

Rebranding helps improve your reputation and your visibility, and not just alter your company’s name or its logo. It is more than just changing the brand strategy; it is a more unique and brand new representation of your brand.


Market Research

It plays a crucial role in branding/rebranding, as it helps shape the vision and get the best insight into the targeted audience and its needs. As a trusted rebrand agency, we are here to help you gather targeted market research to base your rebrand strategy on.


Brand Strategy

It is a long-term plan for brand creation/development to achieve specific goals; it has the power to amplify a brand amongst its competitors on the market.


Brand Experience

It essentially brings a person into a long-term and meaningful relationship with a brand.


Digital Design & Development

It helps win the consumers' confidence and enhance the user experience by bringing them closer to the product. As a leading rebrand company, we can help you win the loyalty of your clients by designing an easy-to-navigate user experience on your website for a range of devices!

Reasons for rebranding

  • Too big for your old brand. Outgrowing your image is a good thing but you need to change the way you speak to the right people, in a style that matches your new ambitions. Let Brande help you!

  • The one that got away. Losing to competitors is never fun. If you’re losing to the competition, it’s because you have no brand equity, which is the commercial value of a brand. Our branding services are focused on helping you clarify uniqueness and means of communication.

  • Looking for a new audience. Your customer has changed, and so should you. Your brand needs to change alongside your ambitions and Brande can help you have the design, strategy, and marketing experience to shape your visual identity and tone of voice.

  • Identity crisis. If your audience doesn’t know what to expect from you, it’s unlikely to build a strong relationship. Without a strong identity and a strategy for communicating that identity, you’ll end up lost and no one will recognize your brand. Let Brande make you memorable!

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