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  • February 14, 2021
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Rebrand VS a Free Brand

Rebrand v/s a Free Brand

Your brand is your company’s identity and represents your ideals, concept and goals. It further helps you connect with your target audience, thereby leading to better recognition and brand awareness at a global level. The purpose of a brand is to build a reputation and face value for your company that resonates with your consumers and instigates goodwill that ultimately leads to better revenues and a larger client base.

It is, however, important to keep your brand open to changes in order to prevent it from getting stagnant without breaching its equity and essence that you have worked so hard to maintain all these years. This is where rebranding or brand refreshing comes into play. You must make sure that your brand is recognized and loved by your customers at all times and for this, you must maintain a strong and consistent brand presence on all your social platforms to keep your hard earned position in the marketplace.

So what exactly is rebranding and how is it different than a brand refresh? Let’s find out!


Rebranding refers to completely building a new company profile, design and logo with a fresh concept and vision right from the scratch. This is necessary when you need to grow out of your old business and start anew with a better prospect and brand new products and services in order to stay afloat and keep thriving in both the local as well as the international marketplace.

Rebranding is done when your brand no longer appeals to your audience or doesn’t communicate your company’s goals and ideas, thereby causing poor revenues, decreased outputs and soiled reputation. As a company, you do not want that, which is why it is so much better to take a newer approach and completely revive the brand concept, design and aesthetics going as far as changing the name in order to make better connections with your clientele, business partners, competitors and workforce.

Brand Refresh

Rebranding is a great idea when you want to start from the scratch and build your way up towards success. However, this does not always work, especially when your company has a long living reputation and recognition among its target audience and you want to keep your concept alive and your brand identity distinct and thriving.

As the name suggests, brand refreshing refers to redefining your brand profile and identity without compromising the true essence that your company is all about. It is important to embrace the changes with the rapidly evolving industries and market however you must make sure that you do not fall far away from your initial goals and lose the value and concept that your consumers have come to love and admire all these years.

Rebranding v/s a Free Brand

You create a brand when you need to invent yourself and have a distinct image that you want your consumers to recognize and identify you with. This is important when the competition is high and the market is constantly evolving. Your brand helps you build a connection with your audience through attractive designs, visually appealing logos and catchy taglines that are exciting and memorable.

However, rebranding means completely reinventing your brand and redefining the concepts that better communicate your newly found vision, goals and prospects as a company to your target audience and leading your brand towards success. This means completely changing your color palette, logo, tagline, content and aesthetics for a newer, better and more appealing approach.